KLM オランダ航空 デルフト ブルーハウス No.15

¥1,800 (税込)
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Cate: No.01 - No.20 / Regular model / 商品


KLM オランダ航空 Delft Blue House No.15のモデルになった家の詳細情報

House in Dordrecht

Dordrecht became a settlement almost a thousand years ago on the Thuredrith, a little river running through peat swamps.
In 1220, Dordrecht was the first community in Holland to be granted a city charter. Dordrecht, with its more than 1000 historic buildings, played an important role in Holland in the areas of trade, religion and politics. Whether the 17th-century building serving as a basis for the replica still exists is unknown because its address is not known.