KLM オランダ航空 デルフト ブルーハウス No.31

¥1,800 (税込)
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Cate: No.21 - No.40 / Regular model / 商品



KLM オランダ航空 Delft Blue House No.31のモデルになった家の詳細情報

Koornmarkt 87

Delft is a medieval city with a unique pattern of intimate little canals, graceful arched bridges with white railings, and splendid old buildings and houses.
Belonging to the latter category is Koornmarkt 87. This building has a spout gable and is faced in brick and stone. At the top is a tile tableau that includes the year 1916. This ‘adapted new-construction project’ was designed by none other than the very famous Dutch architect H.P. Berlage (1856-1934).