KLM オランダ航空 デルフト ブルーハウス No.64

¥1,800 (税込)
メンバーポイント 18 P 付与
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Cate: No.61 - No.80 / Regular model / 商品


KLM オランダ航空 Delft Blue House No.64のモデルになった家の詳細情報

Keizersgracht 755

Keizersgracht 755 is a splendid example of the approximately 300 historic coach houses still standing in Amsterdam today.
The majority of these are found on three small streets (Langestraat, Reguliersdwarsstraat and Kerkstraat) that run parallel to the main canals. But stables to accommodate coaches and horses were also built along the main canals. Keizersgracht 755 dates from around 1700 and has large wooden doors in the middle. The fa?ade was stuccoed much later.