KLM オランダ航空 デルフト ブルーハウス No.93

¥4,000 (税込)
メンバーポイント 40 P 付与
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Cate: No.81 - No.97 / Regular model / 商品


KLM オランダ航空 Delft Blue House No.93のモデルになった家の詳細情報

The Japan Museum SieboldHuis
Rapenburg 19 2311 GE Leiden

During the 16th century, Paulus Buys, a man who played a prominent role in the 80 Years War, had created this building by combining four smaller buildings. The Paets family who lived here during the 17th century commissioned the construction of the rear fa?ade built according to the classical tradition. A century later Johannes van Bergen van der Grijp, a wealthy merchant, made radical changes to the house based on 18th-century views.
One of the modifications was a new Baroque frontage with front steps. Johannes Meerman, who lived here at the end of this century, commissioned English architect James Wyatt to design a unique plaster ceiling relief for a large room. In 1830, objects that Philipp Franz von Siebold (1796-1866) had collected during his stay on Dejima off the coast of Japan, were brought to Leiden. In 1832 Siebold moved to Rapenburg 19, where he displayed his collection to the public. His “Japansch Museum” was visited by many dignitaries: King Willem II of the Netherlands, Tsarevich Alexander and Friedrich Wilhelm IV of Prussia. In 2005, the building became the Japan Museum SieboldHuis. It also serves as the official Japan Centre that provides an impression of the scientific, cultural and economic relations between the Netherlands and Japan.