KLM オランダ航空 デルフト ブルーハウス No.47

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Cate: No.41 - No.60 / Regular model / 商品



KLM オランダ航空 Delft Blue House No.47のモデルになった家の詳細情報

The Anne Frank House(アンネフランクハウス)
Prinsengracht 263, Amsterdam

Undoubtedly the most visited canal-side house in Amsterdam is Prinsengracht 263 with its famous ‘Achterhuis’ where Anne Frank (1929-1945) and her Jewish family went into hiding.
In 2008 alone, the house received more than a million visitors. The house, built around 1740, is located near a famous church, the Westerkerk, and is made up of front and back sections. The KLM house shows the front part of the house facing the street. Behind this is a courtyard and then the famous back section: ‘the Achterhuis’ that can easily be seen from the tower of the Westerkerk that can be climbed in the summer.